High Quality Fake Rolex King Midas 9630 (by Gerald Genta)

This solid gold integrated bracelet watch from non other than Gerald Genta’s pen weighed in at around 200 grams, making it a serious chunk of gold worthy of its name. Genta designed the perfect replica Rolex to sit on its side and recreate the profile of the Parthenon in Athens, which is just so Genta.

But, like all these high quality fake watches, the Midas flopped. As a limited edition of 1,000 in 1962, the top quality fake Rolex reference 9630 ran just barely into the 1970s and never reached its proposed production goal of 1,000.

Imagining that happening with any luxury replica Rolex today gives you a sense of how these languished for nearly a decade—and that’s despite ownership by Elvis Presley, John Wayne, and an appearance in 1974’s James Bond film The Man With the Golden Gun.

It wasn’t all that long ago that one could grab an aaa quality replica Rolex King Midas for around $4000 (roughly the value of the gold melted down). We wish we had snatched them up. With the rise of the integrated bracelet watch, the recognition Genta has garnered as designer of Swiss copy Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak, and today’s general fascination with small, gold super clone watches online, prices have approached $30,000 regularly.

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