The love for the cheap fake Rolex GMT-Master ref. 1675

So, how did my love for the watch start? As some of you might know, my favorite 1:1 fake Rolex GMT-Master is the ref. 1675 in stainless with the famous “Pepsi” bezel. It’s one of the special Rolex references that remained in production for multiple decades. The stainless steel ref. 1675 was introduced in 1959 and was not discontinued until 1980. For me, the ultimate perfect replica Rolex GMT-Master perfectly represents what makes Rolex designs so great. Over the years, Swiss made fake Rolex used different bezel and dial variations for the 1675 that are worth a thorough study in and of themselves. But we’re not here to talk about the stainless steel version.

In 1970, best 1:1 replica Rolex introduced the ref. 1675/3 in stainless steel and 14K gold, the first two-tone aaa quality fake Rolex GMT-Master. The watch was added to the lineup alongside the ref. 1675 in either stainless steel or full gold. In terms of color use and overall presence, the two-tone version is closer to the full-gold version than the stainless steel one. Whereas the Pepsi-bezel variant has a crispness to it that is timeless, both the full-gold and two-tone 1675 models are deeply rooted in the style of the ’70s. The 1675/3 stayed in production until 1980 when the reference 1675 in stainless steel was replaced by the Swiss movement fake Rolex 16570.

What defines a “Root Beer”?
That’s also when the Swiss movement fake Rolex 16573 entered as the replacement of the 1675/3. While they are largely the same in terms of looks, there are differences between the two. While it may be unnecessary, let’s start with the details that define a “Root Beer.” As I mentioned, the watch was the first two-tone high quality replica Rolex GMT-Master, combining stainless steel and 14K gold. It featured a stainless steel case graced by a yellow gold bezel and crown. The gold bezel featured a brown and gold insert that inspired the “Root Beer” nickname. It was paired with a dark brown dial featuring distinctive gold indices with just a small amount of lume on top, earning it the “nipple dial” nickname.

Lastly, there was the choice of a two-tone Jubilee or Oyster bracelet. While Rolex super clone for sale officially offered both, only the Jubilee bracelet makes a legit “Root Beer” in my book. It adds the stylistic refinement that the watch deserves or even needs. Regarding visual differences between the 1675/3 and the 16753, the main one is the applied gold coronet on the 1675/3, whereas the top quality replica Rolex 16753 has a printed coronet. Another difference is the movement. The older version used the Rolex caliber 1575, whereas the second generation switched to the 3075, which increased the operation frequency from 19,800vph to 28,800vph and added a quickset date.

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