Will there be a new 1:1 fake Rolex Milgauss? Do I want the old one?

If the Breguet purchase takes place, I don’t think I will spend any more on watches this year. That said, I know myself too well, so I’ll buy the Breguet and then some. So it now depends on what will happen with some of the brands this year. I’ve expressed the wish to own a cheap fake Rolex Milgauss, probably the black-dial version with the green sapphire crystal. Since my colleague Lex is convinced there will be a new one, now might be the time to pick up the one I am after,perfect replica Rolex reference 116400GV. It’s a lovely watch, a bit of an oddball, and in a good size (40mm) for me.

Although I am also a fan of the current Air-King, the luxury fake Rolex Milgauss speaks to me more. It might also be wise to wait for Watches and Wonders 2023 to see if Rolex indeed updates the Milgauss with a new-generation movement, for example. Another watch from the Crown that I’ve been contemplating for a long time is the current AAA quality replica Rolex GMT-Master II in Everose gold and steel.

I even might like it better than the full-Everose version. But that best 1:1 fake Rolex will set me back even more than the Breguet, and I have a clear preference for the latter. It might be my age or the fact that I already have a lot of sports watches (and owned three or four Swiss movement replica Rolex GMT-Master watches in total, and all got sold in the end). When it comes to Rolex and gold, there’s little that beats the Day-Date for me, and I already spent my money on that one last year.

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