Top Online Fake Rolex Watches Compete With Vagina-scented Candles As Must-buy Christmas Gifts On Goop

Goop may be ridiculed for its woke lifestyle items like vagina-scented candles, but publicity from click bait gifts has propelled Gwyneth Paltrow’s retail empire into a brand valued at $250 million after a funding round in 2018.

It welcomes around 2 million visitors per month, making it a major platform for partners looking to reach Goop’s mainly enlightened female audience.

Goop’s latest partner is pre-owned luxury watch specialist, Bob’s Watches, which has curated a collection of best US replica Rolex “Stella” and specialty dial watches just in time for Christmas.

The collection was pulled together by Carol Altieri, co-founder of Bob’s Watches and authority on vintage high quality Rolex fake watches.

There are 14 luxury Rolex replica watches going on sale from December 13, mostly colorful dialed pieces from the 1970s, which were originally sold only in the Middle East, but have since become collector favorites.

They also provided inspiration for Rolex releasing a broad collection of colorful-dialed perfect copy Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches in 2021, many of which have soared in value on the secondary market.

Genuine Swiss cheap super clone Rolex Stella watches’ are rare, and Ms Altieri’s collection is said to be the largest selection available to the worldwide market, with a total value of more than $400,000.

It includes two oxblood dials, a green diamond dial on white gold in addition to Swiss made replica Rolex cocktail watches in rare dial variations, such as coral and oxblood, starting at the $7,000 level.

“We are seeing an increase in our female clientele who seek investments, but also invest in themselves for daily enjoyment. These special AAA wholesale fake Rolex watches will surely become family treasures handed down to the next generation,” Ms Altieri says.

“With this in mind we feel this special collection is perfect for the goop audience and we’re delighted to be able work with such a forward-thinking brand.”

The Rolex replica watches shop will be for sale online at both Goop and Bob’s Watches.

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