The Most Powerful Swiss Replica Rolex Day-Date Watches Wholesale

Common in the arms of the most powerful men on the planet, the luxury Rolex Day-Date replica watches now comes with a fluted bezel in its platinum version. It is easily identified by its ice blue dial.

It is difficult to say which is the most iconic watch in the history of Rolex. Of course, we are sure that no fan would dare to remove their US best fake Rolex Day-Date watches from this category. There are many details that make this watch special. It is so because of its history, because of the fame that precedes it as a model for the most powerful men, and because of its peculiar characteristics, some of which are impossible to find in other high quality replica Rolex watches from the house.

It is news now for the update of its most exclusive variant, the one made in platinum, available for the first time with a fluted bezel. Until now, Swiss movements Rolex Day-Date copy watches made with this precious metal only existed with a smooth bezel. A small change in appearance, but very symptomatic of the house’s will to perfect its icons to the extent that new technologies allow it. The fluted bezel better matches the traditional image we have of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. In addition, it is an effective aesthetic resource by giving the watch a greater personality and shine when the light reflects on its front.

The cheap Rolex Day-Date replica watches was released in 1956. It was the last collection to be developed by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf (died 1960). This model marked the zenith of Wilsdorf’s designed philosophy of creating watches equipped with practical complications and intended to be worn on a daily basis. In this case, it was the first model on the market that simultaneously indicated the date and the day of the week, with the full name and in separate windows. From the beginning, Wilsdorf knew that the Day-Date would be the most exclusive piece in the house. He confirmed it by deciding that it would only be made with noble materials: the three golds and platinum. Other peculiarities were the creation of a special bracelet that bears his name or the possibility, years later, of customizing the day of the week calendar between 26 languages.

As usual for Rolex, the 1:1 fake Rolex Day-Date watches has evolved slowly but steadily throughout these 66 years of existence, and always with all changes focused on maintaining (or surpassing) the original character of the watch. The highlight would come in the models of the 70s and 80s, with a transformation of the dial and the adoption of new generations of movements, prepared to offer the instantaneous jump of date and day of the week right at midnight. A technical detail that Day-Date fans love.

The last important evolution was in 2015, and consisted of a redesign of the case to adopt 40 mm (one less than the previous version) and the incorporation of the latest generation caliber 3255. Four years later this movement would begin to be used in the 36mm versions. All these AAA replica Rolex watches are the basis of the current Day-Date offer.

The great novelty, the fluted bezel

Posts to choose a version of the top Rolex Day-Date super clone watches, none better than the platinum one. It is the most sophisticated. So much so that the firm prefers not to advertise its price, unlike what happens with almost all of its catalogue. It will be necessary to go through one of the official points of sale that the brand has in our country, although we already warned that it will not be cheap.

In addition to being very rare and expensive to acquire, platinum is a very difficult metal to work with; which is why the fluted bezel was not available until now. Despite this difficulty, Rolex crafts each case from a solid block of platinum in a process much like carving a sculpture. Platinum is used for both the case and the President bracelet, the only option available on this model. A bracelet, by the way, created to be worn on Day-Date, also in 1956.

At the beginning we talked about the details that make the platinum Day-Date a very special watch, and until now we have not named one of the most curious: the color of the dial. Rolex limits the use of resplendent glacier blue to perfect replica Rolex watches made of platinum. This short list includes one of the most exquisite versions of the Cosmograph Daytona sports car.

The platinum Day-Date is also available with a diamond bezel and dial in different finishes, meteorite and pavé diamonds as included options, although ice blue is preferred by fans.

And one last important detail, all these virtues of the new platinum fake Rolex Day-Date watches wholesale and its fluted bezel are available in the also new 36 mm version. A box size until recently designed for female customers, although more and more men are encouraged to wear it. Very lucky men indeed.

Presidents’ Favorite

Due to prestige and price, the Day-Date is perceived as the final destination in the pilgrimage of Rolex fans. No other China Rolex replica watches has established such a close and enduring relationship with the highest echelons of business and politics. This link is well exemplified in the nickname “presidents’ watch”.

The nickname gained fame when Lyndon B. Johnson exhibited a specimen. Less well known is that the night Marilyn sang Happy Birthday to Kennedy, the actress had a gift for the then American president: a rose gold Day-Date.

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