Whoa – Russell Westbrook Wears Swiss Top Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches (The ‘Lefty’ GMT) To NBA Summer League

It was four months ago, just after Spring had sprung, that the watch world had its eyes fixed squarely on Geneva for Watches & Wonders 2022. This is when brands unveil their newest models. Every year, enthusiasts wait, with bated breadth, for the latest Rolex has to offer. This year, the Crown shocked us all with the AAA US replica Rolex GMT Master ref.126720VTNR watches. The watch was newsworthy not just because it had a new green/black combination for the bezel, but rather because the crown and date were relocated from the right to the left side of the watch. This makes it, conceivably, a watch geared for lefties.

Upon it’s release, it became the buzziest watch of the year (OK, maybe second to MoonSwatch), with everyone curious to find out what it would be like to wear high quality Rolex GMT-Master fake watches with a flipped crown. It was – simply put – a bizarrely fun move for the normally serious Rolex replica watches online site. And since March, we haven’t really seen on in the wild. And that’s because nobody can get one … except for Russell Westbrook. He was spotted wearing his at the 2022 NBA Summer League (the Watches & Wonders for basketball nerds).

Every year, the NBA universe descends upon Las Vegas, Nevada for an exhibition tournament that lasts about 10 days in which each franchise gets a look at their latest draft picks in competitive play. In addition, it’s a chance for basketball journeymen, and undrafted hopefuls, to show off their skills and hopefully make a roster. But there’s way more than just the game on the court.

It seems that with each passing Summer League, NBA superstars – both current and former players – show up to support their team and future teammates. And you better believe they’re flaunting their best threads … and even better Swiss made Rolex fake watches. We spent the better part of the week with our eyes fixed on the wrists, looking for competitors to Westbrook’s luxury Rolex GMT-Master II copy watches, but he remained at the top.

Westbrook made his rather splashy appearance at SL this year, in a blue T-shirt and the most hyped watch of the year on his wrist. His teammate (for now) LeBron James sat on the opposite side of the gym, with his own splashy timepiece and Ziploc bag of trail mix, but that’s neither here nor there.

Westbrook has been known in the past to wear more traditional cheap Rolex super clone watches like the Day-Date and the Datejust. In fact, most players in the league opt for precious metals when it comes to the Crown. We almost never see the stalwart stainless steel sport watches except for Steph Curry and his Submariner, and King James with his OP 41 coral dial. Needless to say, it was a surprise to see this watch on Westbrooks’s wrist.

He’s clearly proud of it. A little extra snooping reveals that he had this same watch on during Paris Fashion Week at the end of June, which is presumably near the time that he picked it up as it doesn’t appear on his wrist – publicly – anywhere else before then. And good for him because, as I noted, getting new stainless steel 1:1 perfect Rolex replica watches is no easy feat, and especially not the most popular model in a new release year.

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