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As trade show season, and, with that, new release season kicks off in the best replica Rolex watches world, the vintage collection remains present each Wednesday. A constant in this ever-changing watch landscape, vintage inherently can feature no “new releases.” Yet, that does not mean a watch can’t surprise us. This Rolex “Ford Executive” Oyster Perpetual Date did just that. It takes 1:1 US Rolex fake watches like this to remind us that there is so much still to explore in the vintage universe – even from possibly the most researched brand of them all, Rolex.

The Rolex Ford edition is just the start of our offerings from “the Crown.” Sean Egan brings us one of his personal favorites, the iconic “Root Beer” GMT-Master. Check out the full collection in the Shop for even more, including a 1946 “Bubbleback” and a Datejust from 1953.

1986 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Ref. 15037 ‘Ford Executive’ Replica Watches With Box And Papers

This one surprised me. If you google the reference number and “Ford,” a few other examples of this same perfect Rolex copy watches pop up, sure, but I would be lying if I said I knew this existed. We see a lot of Rolex here on the vintage desk, but this is the first “Ford” OP Date we’ve come across.

In the metal, the ref. 15037, and this special edition, in particular, is a real treat. As an American-market watch – this is Detroit’s Ford Motor Company we are talking about here, after all – the case and rivet-link Oyster bracelet are executed in 14k yellow gold rather than 18k. This difference is actually quite noticeable. Until you have seen a truly unpolished and nicely patinated 14k yellow gold case in person, it is really hard to understand. But trust me, there is a warmth here that draws me in – even more so than those bright diamond hour markers.

My favorite detail (ok, there are a lot, it’s a close race for a favorite here) is the gold printing on the deep blue dial. I use the word deep for lack of a better way to describe it. Many blue cheap Swiss replica Rolex Datejust watches dials from this era are metallic and flat, even linen- or mosaic-textured examples, but the finishing here is inviting – like looking into a clear Lake Erie. A lot of that depth has to do with the printing. It is light and airy, somehow sitting on both the dial’s surface and a millimeter or two underneath it and at a slight angle.

This watch gets its nickname from the story that these Rolex super clone watches for sale were presented or offered to executives at the Ford Motor Company. If the dial tone and caseback logo detailing isn’t enough proof to back up that claim, our example puts the cherry on top with a chronometer certificate that confirms delivery to Ford through Rolex New York. None of those other examples I mentioned earlier are complete with boxes, papers, and a rivet Oyster bracelet, by the way. Ours is, check it out, right here.

1981 Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 16753 ‘Root Beer’ Fake Watches

I don’t usually love two-tone. This may or may not have something to do with the branded Rolex phrase, “Rolesor,” (which is their own special made-up word for the combination of steel and white, yellow, or rose gold). I know we have the world’s biggest champion of bi-metal high quality Rolex replica watches in Danny Milton, but it wasn’t until I was able to experience an early 70’s steel-and-gold GMT “Root Beer” in person that I started to change my opinion on whether or not these watches were “for me.”

This particular example is a little bit later than the one that made me fall in love with the watch bearing the sassafras-derived nickname. Where I might skew toward the earliest reference of the fake Rolex watches wholesale I like, the 16753 would be my choice of preference as the quick change date is a big time-saver, especially if your collection allows you the luxury of not wearing the same watch for several days. However, as this watch was made early in the life of the 16753, it retains my favorite visual elements from its predecessor – specifically, the matte brown dial and the smaller “nipple” dial markers. A point of interest, the early steel and gold best quality Rolex GMT-Master replica watches had an applied coronet but by the time 1980 rolled around, Rolex seemed to think that painted logos were the way to go.

Another thing that attracted me to the most brown of the AAA cheap fake Rolex reference watches was its appearance on Ronny Chieng’s episode of Talking Watches. Then I noticed one on Randall Park’s wrist on an episode of Conan, looking very casual paired with a leather NATO strap. Last, but certainly not least, is probably its most notable wearer: Blondie himself, Clint Eastwood. Check out this most agreeable of two-tone references, right here.

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